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Why the change?

Nicola Dore - Arcane Agency

Why the change?

In March 2019, Nicola Dore Consulting officially closed the doors and re-opened as Arcane Agency. Some of you might be wondering why this happened so suddenly. In all reality, this has been a work in progress over the past six years. When I first started working for myself, I always dreamed I wouldn’t stay alone forever, there would always be more. Yes, this dream would have to wait while I juggled limited child free time with a full workload, but it would happen. Then that time finally came. Towards the end of 2018 I realised 2019 was the year I would have the flexibility I’d been craving for so long. So after a review of cash flow, work I already had booked and hours available I decided it was time to re-think my business structure.

This type of task excites me so much, I love coming in and picking businesses apart, reviewing the why, the ideal customer and strategy and yet when I came to do my own, I was stuck! In came Leah from The Golden Goose. I had been following Leah for awhile and seen her in action so I knew she was the one to help me make some decisions. The timing couldn’t have been better as she had room in her program for me to join straight away.

Together Leah and I picked apart everything I’d been doing and then put it back together again, in a new improved model.

Whilst going through this process, I identified that I’d love to have my own office instead of co working or working from home. It was like magic, as soon as I said the words, a fantastic opportunity to lease a new office presented itself. At first I dismissed the idea, and actually mentioned it to a few people I knew that wanted an office too, and yet it kept presenting itself.

After many weeks of deliberation and over thinking the situation I said yes and became a real adult with real responsibilities ha!

Once I had committed to an office, I knew it was time to re – brand.

and so Arcane Agency was born

For some, a big jump from solo operator to agency model would be huge and scary, but I am lucky enough to have such a strong network of talented people around me that I collaborate with and can refer work to when needed which is exciting.

I look forward to sharing my new space and services with you all over the coming months.

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