What you can do in your business when you are sick of hearing the word pivot. - Arcane Agency
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What you can do in your business when you are sick of hearing the word pivot.

Nicola Dore - marketing mentor

What you can do in your business when you are sick of hearing the word pivot.

It is often said, don’t make big decisions in your life at times of major change such as moving house, getting a divorce etc.

This is unprecedented times, more unknown and anxiety driven then any other time in our lives.

So, today I am here to give you permission not to pivot your business and make major changes to your structure and services.

Your business was working before this unprecedented time and it will work again. We just need to hang in there and make tweaks to survive not burn the whole thing down and start again.

Many of you will have created buyer persona’s in your business. Now is the time to look at them again. I want you to apply the empathy map to these persona’s. Put yourself into their shoes and really feel what they are feeling now. Here are some of the areas to look at:

Thinking & Feeling
What are their hopes and worries?

Who are their friends and influencers?

What’s their environment like at the moment, their family situation, their world right now?

Speaking & doing
What’s their attitude like right now? Their behavior? How are they dealing with the current climate?

What are their fears and obstacles?

What are their wishes and goals?

Now if you are in a heightened state of anxiety yourself it may be tricky to answer some of these questions objectively so I urge you to reach out to someone, even me, and talk it through to make sure you get these questions right for your business.

From these answers, I then want you to ask the following questions:

I want to…..
So I can…..

So, for a manual process it might be:
When I take photos with my camera, I want to be able to edit them so they look professional so I can display perfect pictures in my home.

To digitise this, you might swap to:
When I take a photo with my phone, I want to be able to edit it quickly and simply so I can share it with my friends straight away.

Take the time to think about your existing customers and business offerings and see what fits together. What can you move online? What can be simplified, re-priced and sent out in a contactless way, how can you still connect with your customers during this time.

If you are visual and need to see things in black and white, grab some paper and some post its or just use the paper if you don’t have post its and have four set areas:

Things we can continue to do.
Things we can not continue to do.
Things we want to try out.
Things that are now irrelevant.

You now have broken down all the thoughts swimming around in your head into areas you can work with. Spend your time on the things you want to try and things you can continue to do and disregard the rest….for now.

So as you can see, some simple tweaks for survival might be the key to keeping on going during these times, rather than a full pivot that you might later regret.

Want to workshop this out together? Jump across into our Facebook Group where we will have a free live training helping you get your thoughts clearer.

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