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From Online social media training Geelong,Online training for Marketing Professionals Geelong,Digital for Marketing Professionals Geelong,Online marketing agency Geelong.
Online social media training,Online training for Marketing Professionals,Digital for Marketing Professionals,Online marketing agency
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About Us

You’ve still got it, and so do we. Let us be your secret weapon.

Did you spend years at uni perfecting your craft to become the best marketer possible only to find technology advanced quicker than your degree and now you feel like it’s the first day of school again? Or maybe, you were on top of everything, climbing your way up the corporate ladder at a rapid pace, only to realise whole new apps and algorithms appeared while you took your maternity leave and you’re back swimming in circles again, wondering when you’ll be replaced by a newer version of you.


Been there sista! Even went back for the Masters degree only to find not one single thing I learnt there transferred into the digital world.


Luckily, all is not lost. We can upskill (and even better than those young people climbing faster than we did) because we have the strategic knowledge and experience that only comes from age (no numbers mentioned here I promise!)  and experience. Don’t forget all those celebrations you hosted in the marketing glory days when marketing speak was second nature and social media was 100% organic.


[Just pause for a minute and reminisce on those days, I know you already are, I’ll wait for you to finish]


Ok, back again?

Arcane Agency

I want you to know, you can teach old dogs new tricks, not that you are old of course! You’ve got the strategy and deep marketing foundations from your years of hands on experience, you just need help moulding this invaluable experience into the modern era marketing of likes, winks and #instagraminfluencers. You know, so those ‘young people’ can understand us again, so you stay at the top of your game and so you remain irreplaceable.


Want to get started today and see how you can stay relevant in your career and become irreplaceable within your company. Come join me in the old marketing pro’s Facebook group, I’m holding your space. Here, we can laugh at young people these days [did you know a biddy is now a hot, young, girl, not an old lady?] and learn some new tricks to help you prove you’ve still got it at your next marketing meeting.


Let me be your secret weapon and help you become irreplaceable today.


Nicola Dore


Nicola Dore