Digital Ad Campaign Management - Arcane Agency
You know how critical a digital ad campaign is, whether it be facebook ads, google ads or another platform. We offer digital ad campaign management or training at an affordable rate.
Digital ad campaign, facebook ad campaign, google ad campaign
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Digital Ad Campaign Management

No doubt you’ve heard just how critical Facebook ads are. You know they’re beneficial.  You know they’ll actually generate a lot more business for you in the last quarter of 2019 or maybe Google Ads are more your style, and you want to try these out too.
You could do a course and learn how to do that yourself, but finding the time to actually set them up  and keep them optimised at the busiest time of year? Probably not going to happen.
The good news is that we offer social media ad campaign management and Google Ad management packages starting at $250.
The choice from there is yours – we can train you up (either in group training or individually) to manage your new campaigns moving forward, or we can manage it for you.  Our opinions for training are limitless – come to our offices, join in on the group training, or do it in your office via Zoom!
Why not let us help you out now, then lock away some time in the new year to teach you some new skills, using your own data.
Contact us for more info!