Create a 90 day marketing plan - Arcane Agency
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Create a 90 day marketing plan

Create a 90 day, one page marketing plan – really make the most of the last quarter of 2019! 

We don’t want to scare you, but can you believe it is only three months until Christmas?

We all know that the lead up to Christmas can be frantic in business, and planning and tasks can go out the window. The result of this often means we are left to pick up the pieces in January when we are all burnt out and needing a break.

The good news is that this workshop is going to guide you through these next three months allowing you the break you want, and NEED, in January!

In this two hour session we will work through a 90 day marketing plan which will take you from October through to the end of December.

We will strategically analyse your business and create individual content pillars that you can use for promotional purposes.

We set goals, work out what products and services are the most critical to your business, your target audiences, where you need to be to be seen, and your key messages.

The best bit is, we wrap it nicely into a one page document that you can put up next to your computer and refer to throughout the three months, no matter how busy you are.

This workshop is very hands on and will require pre-work to be completed before attending to ensure you make the most of your time.

Numbers are strictly limited giving you awesome bang for your buck!

This workshop is also available one on one, contact us for pricing and next dates.