Training for Digital Marketing Analytics Geelong | Arcane Agency
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Reading your data

Knowing how to read your analytics is the most critical component of any digital campaign success.


In this three hour training session we go through every area of your analytics. From Google to Facebook to Instagram, you’ll know more about your customers and their behaviour than ever before.


We’re often asked, I don’t have much time at the moment, what’s the best thing we can do to improve our practices? The answer is simple. This training session. This session contains everything you need to form the foundations of every campaign you’ll EVER run.

It will tell you if your content is working. It will even tell you if you are talking to your customers or not.

You get to bring your laptop along so you can be reviewing your own data in real time and ask any questions you might have. In return we’ll tell you if we see any red flags. This is the best three hours you will ever spend.


We are super nosey when it comes to data and user behaviour so for us, this is three hours of pure joy!

Our next training session is being held on September 10  from 10 – 1pm at our Belmont office and only costs $179 + GST. This is the best investment you will make this financial year.

This training is limited to 8 people to ensure everyone gets the outcomes they need.

To book in click here.